My photographic package includes a Story Book Wedding Album which is designed to replace and revitalize the presentation of wedding photographs for the bridal couple.

The pages of our large production book open to a truly flat double page. A mixture of custom, colour, sepia, black & white and an arrangement of enlargements, bound in your personalized album All the photos will be given to you on CD.

  1. Story Book: XW 30: 20 page (size: 254 x 381mm) +/- 145 photographs
  2. Story Book: XW 36: 20 page (size: 300x 450mm) +/- 165 photographs
    Extra pages can be added to the book if needed.
    Thank you cards can also be provided.

    This package will include coverage of the following:
  • Bridal session - getting dressed, bridal party and bridal portraits
  • Bride and groom private session
  • Detail shots of the venue, flowers and tables
  • Ceremony and formal shots with friends and family
  • Reception